Green city

San Rafael de Alajuela, C.R
130,000 m2

Seeking to balance that which we have lost, by offering so much green for its development, Green City is born. A vision that can integrate convenience with meditation, comfort with the outdoors, the inside with the outside, all while being the same architectural, urban, transcendental experience.

Green City challenges the artificial life dictated by man and not by nature. We designed Green City as a living system, where walking, swimming, cycling, entertaining, or becoming sensitized play an essential part, while respecting the majesty of the primary trees and finding ways to integrate the commercial and residential areas.

Green City represents a return to our own nature, through a conscious choice in favor of ecology, holistic health, peace of mind, appreciation of beauty, and balance that leads to sustainable happiness.

Costa Rica

Katia Marten Architecture
Plaza Roble Edificio El Patio
Oficina #12, C.R.

+506 2201 5055


Interior architecture: