Ciudad de Autos

La Uruca, San José, C.R.
17, 043 m2

We designed a building whose simplicity and transparency are the ideal response for the needs of the client and those using the facility. The design stems from the need to create a space that enhances the company’s core concepts of connection, cooperation, and teamwork. This is a project that must function as a small "city" within a specific social and urban context. Ciudad Toyota is a living organism that responds to a company’s evolution in the face of complex changes and adaptation to new needs over time.

It begins with a sequence of industrial sheds in which studio work, maintenance activities, and product storage can be developed. This first stage is covered by a façade that generates different degrees of transparency in terms of establishing a dialogue with the environment. It projects a primary axis that cuts through the field from start to finish, joining the different buildings and living spaces throughout as well as serving as the backbone of Ciudad Toyota.

Costa Rica

Katia Marten Architecture
Plaza Roble Edificio El Patio
Oficina #12, C.R.

+506 2201 5055


Interior architecture: