Casa Salas

Atenas, Costa Rica
590 m2

Salas is truly an architectural gem. It is a family home that meets the occupant’s needs while utilizing passive design principles in order to save energy. A lot of consideration was put into the design of the circulation of the home and it’s overall composition resulting in a building that is spatially rich. The architectural approach is one that responds to and engages with the landscape while having a striking appearance.  

Located in Atenas, Costa Rica, the Salas house is a prime example of KMA’s signature designs. We approach architecture by creating spaces that allow for living in harmony with nature. The house features white walls, brownish red roofs and lush green landscapes. Nestled between three existing trees, Salas has the utmost respect for its natural surroundings. The residence uses the climate to its advantage, through the careful application of passive design strategies.  This tropical-contemporary property is warm and inviting thanks to the thoughtful design of rooms and selection of materials.



Costa Rica

Katia Marten Architecture
Plaza Roble Edificio El Patio
Oficina #12, C.R.

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