Casa Magenta

Santa Ana, San José, C.R.
540 m2

A stunning Guanacaste tree was the central element from which the whole house was developed. This element transformed into the main organizing axis of the architectural walkthrough, where the elements of water and stone complement it to generate a welcoming point of access. Before entering the house, a white wall, which allows the reflection of the shadows from the Guanacaste, opens itself to introduce us to the main hall.

Textures such as travertine, wood, concrete, and glass evoke the outdoors within the interior of Casa Magenta. The social area articulates every room distributed in different levels, maximizing the morphological and scenic qualities of the site.

In architecture, the physical spaces are extensions of people’s psychological spaces, which is why pure line elements were used in this project. A non-saturated, visually clean character allows the users and their experiences to fill this home. 


Katia Marten Architecture
1677 - 1250 San Jose
Costa Rica

(506) 2201 5055

(506) 2201 5055


  • Architecture of space
  • Interior architecture
  • Marten Landscape

Interior architecture:
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