Casa 102

Residencial Hacienda del Bosque, Santa Ana.
452 m2

The volumetric design of Casa 102 is composed of a linear pavilion that contains the private spaces and which is intersected transversely by the volume containing the social area. This T-shaped distribution creates a garden that can be observed and used from any space. This way, it maximizes the landscape and manages to generate a fluid connection with the rest of the house.

Through the use of a simple volumetric approach, we could tilt the frontal roof, complementing the concept of the main entrance and creating a sensation of welcome. This access begins with a landscape design and a set of large stairs that direct the user straight to the spectacular wooden door that invites guests to enter the house.


Katia Marten Architecture
1677 - 1250 San Jose
Costa Rica

(506) 2201 5055

(506) 2201 5055


  • Architecture of space
  • Interior architecture
  • Marten Landscape

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